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    Geometry in Construction

    As the first semester is wrapping up, one of Maine West’s newest classes is continuing to make progress on their ambitious year-long project. Geometry in Construction, a two-period, year-long course of geometry and construction, is an alternative for incoming sophomores who don’t want to take a traditional geometry class. Unlike the standard geometry classes at…

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    Maine West’s Math Teams go to ICTM math competition

    Maine West’s junior and senior math teams traveled to the University of Illinois to compete in the annual ICTM math competition on Saturday.
    The junior-senior two-person team comprised of seniors Bhagirath M. and Brett P. ranked 9th out of 27 teams. Bhagirath and junior Daniel J. also obtained 6th out of 35 teams for orals, the highest finish the MW math team has ever had.
    Mehta also placed 14th in the state in individuals out of the 192 students competing.

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