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  • The Problem with College Admissions

    By Nikhil N. College is a requirement to get a good job. At least, that’s what we’ve been told our whole lives. But is it really? It takes a lot of money to go to college, money that must be acquired through a job. But without college experience, it’s hard to get one. This paradox…

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    Apathy to Empathy

    January 9 : Evanston, IL. January 15: Indianapolis, IN. February 2: Muskogee, OK. March 13: Indianapolis, IN. March 16: Atlanta, GA. March 22: Boulder, CO. March 28: Essex, MD. March 31: Orange, CA. April 3: Allen, TX. April 7: Rock Hill, SC. April 15: Indianapolis, IN. Evanston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Boulder. These are just a few…

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    Addressing Asian-American Hatred

         The Chicago River had been dyed green, an exuberant vibe was in the air, and most folks were already dressing up for the occasion. Like many people, I had been looking forward to Saint Patrick’s Day. That happy feeling, however, was quickly dashed. On March 16, a gunman went on a shooting rampage…

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    Keeping the “Social” in Social Distancing

        Since the beginning of the pandemic, the term “social distancing” has been used by public health experts to describe the physical separation that is necessary for mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Consequently, many friends have had to endure an additional emotional distancing, eliminating quality time together due to the cautionary restriction.     …

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    The Good-For-Nothing Awards

         There are more than 20 different award shows held in the United States for music. That fact shouldn’t be so surprising considering that the United States, given its multi-ethnic population, has made countless influential contributions to music throughout history. The United States has often been called a “melting pot,” a unique mix of…

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    Patience in a Pandemic

        For the past 10 months, a Coronavirus vaccine has been the light at the end of the tunnel — a chance at lowering the death rate and eventually being able to walk around face mask free. Now that the long awaited vaccine has become available, through about $2.5 billion of federal government support…

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