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    Getting past the obstacles

         Many of us vividly remember March 13, 2020 as the day when everything fell apart. As people started stocking up on toilet paper and social distancing became the new norm, the difficulty of life was raised to “hard” without warning.       Of course, quarantine wasn’t all that bad. However, once August came…

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    What the Frack?

         Fracking: a term heard in economics, environmentalism, and now on the debate stage of the 2020 election. Also known as hydraulic fracturing, it is the “process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock,” in order to harvest natural gas and oil, according to BBC’s…

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    Tackling Trump: Where the President Went Wrong

         On Dec. 31, 2019, the Chinese government confirmed that it was treating dozens of people in Wuhan suffering from an unknown disease.       Ten months later, the United States is in freefall.       It’s easy to rip apart China for their secrecy and unwillingness to share crucial information early-on, and it’s…

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    Block-ed opportunities

    We’re all getting used to the block schedule and how it affects us, teachers included. There are so many different ways that teachers have been using this extended period to help students and, although some work well many others… not so much. In my classes alone, I’ve seen multiple different ways in which the block…

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    The End of a Legend

    Brilliant is one word I would use to describe Stephen Hawking. A man of strength and determination who not only contributed greatly to the field of science but the world as a whole. One cannot doubt Hawking’s impact and legacy, for he was indeed the Albert Einstein of our time. Stephen Hawking died early in…

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    Maine West, We’re Failing Our Foreign Language Students

    We all know the benefits of knowing another language: employment benefits, better cognitive abilities, and maybe even getting a date. Luckily for us, we don’t have to go to desperate measures to learn these skills. Amidst all the electives Maine West has to offer, one particular field of courses revolve around the learning — and…

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