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  • Same Tradition, New Faces AND Adding Underclassmen

    SAME TRADITION, NEW FACES THE BATTLE OF THE UPPERCLASSMEN By Dominik Bronakowski And Suzanna Linek As the classes of 2017 and 2018 prepare for this year’s Powderpuff competition, many students are rooting for a second win for the seniors. The juniors and seniors will go against each other in the homecoming Powderpuff flag football game…

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  • Facing your Demons By: Jelena

    Starting the season with a 3-1 record, the Warriors will take on rivals Maine East this Thursday night in the homecoming football game. The Demons started the season with a 1-3 record, with blowout losses to Wheeling and Buffalo Grove. Given the Warriors 14-6 victory over Wheeling just a week ago, they are heading into…

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  • Framing the Memories

    Framing the Memories Time may March forward but Alumni Homecoming memories show that traditions stay strong By: Martylinette Sanchez and Natalia Wolny While Maine West has been home to current students for less than four years, for alumni, Maine West has been a place that they have kept close to their hearts, even though decades…

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  • Hula Into Homecoming

    Hula Into Homecoming Warriors share their thoughts and opinions on how to make the most out of their homecoming By: Arline Vargas Celebrating the colorful Hawaiian culture, the Hawaiian-themed homecoming dance will bring the luau spirit to spec gym on Sept.30 at 7 p.m. Whether it is fear, nerves, or excitement that students are feeling…

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  • Remembering Warriors-Arturo

    Arturo Quintero: 2001-2017 by Danny Daood asst. news editor Arturo Quintero, a Maine West sophomore, was driving back home from a trip in Mexico when he was in a tragic car accident that led to his death on July 28, 2017. Arturo was with his father, his two younger brothers—Marco, a seventh grader attending Algonquin…

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  • Enhance your Dance

    Enhance your dance by kara dempsey entertainment editor and Danny Fowler photo editor Even if you are never going to get in formation in one of Beyonce’s music videos, you can still bring the moves to the homecoming dance floor. Orchesis sponsor Lisa Jacob encourages all students to abandon their fears and stick to simple,…

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