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    Hate crime and one town’s healing takes center stage in this weekend’s fall play

         Following the reaction of the town of Laramie, Wyoming, after the murder of university student Matthew Shephard, Maine West High School’s Fall play, “The Laramie Project,” will be available for download on the Maine West Drama website starting 7 p.m. this Friday, Nov. 13 through Sunday, Nov. 15 at midnight. Tickets for the…

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    Get Real

         Whether it’s bar fights and brawls in “Jersey Shore” or beach dates on the “Bachelor,” reality TV has had viewers glued to the TV for over a decade. But what really attracts viewers to these “real” shows?      “For me, the most appealing part of reality TV is all the drama that…

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    Leaped Ahead

         One Maine West student has finally turned four.      Counting down the days to a birthday is nothing but exciting especially for those born on Feb. 29, also known as a leap day; their birthday officially comes every four years.      A leap day is an additional day put into the…

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    Avengers inspired concert

    The Maine West combined concert and symphonic band met to practice after school in preparation of the spring concert on Thursday. Inspired by the recent release of Avengers: Infinity War, the band will be preforming the theme from The Avengers as one of their three pieces.

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  • seeing skyscrapers

    seeing skyscrapers by jenna robbins reporter Including everything from the tops of Chicago skyscrapers to century-old underground bank vaults, Open House Chicago is a celebration of the city’s world-class architecture that will take place all over Chicago Oct. 14-15. The annual event is absolutely free, and it gives people the opportunity to explore the inner…

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