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    Working Local & Giving Back

    From growing up spending summers playing in the parks and pools, going to summer camp, and attending their annual community events and programs, the park district has etched itself into the lives of many, and some students have chosen to deepen their involvement through employment. Operating nearly 60 parks and facilities, the Des Plaines Park…

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    How to: Avoid Car Accidents

    The excitement of receiving a license and being granted the ability to now drive yourself anywhere is hard to beat. In Illinois, after completing a driver’s education course, holding a learner’s permit for nine months, and being at least 16 years old, one is eligible to receive their license. And with many students at Maine…

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    The Case of True Crime

    With shows, movies, books and podcasts dedicated to retelling the stories of serial killers, kidnappers, gang leaders and other violent criminals, true crime seems to be an in demand genre in recent years. But why are so many drawn to hearing about these brutal crimes and why is there such a demand for this type…

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