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    How to: Speak Up for Yourself

    If each year’s new additions to the Merriam-Webster dictionary — such as “pumpkin spice” and “oat milk” –  tell us anything about our global culture, we are deep in a “dumpster fire” of problems with “mansplaining.”  By definition, mansplaining is when a man talks condescendingly to someone (especially to a woman) about something he has…

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    Revealing their True Colors

    Millions of lives are at risk. For decades, Republicans have been working to rob women of their bodily automony in the name of being “pro-life” and under the premise of giving the power to the states. Well, they got what they wished for. Or did they?  Roe v. Wade wasn’t overturned on a whim; the…

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    The Good-For-Nothing Awards

         There are more than 20 different award shows held in the United States for music. That fact shouldn’t be so surprising considering that the United States, given its multi-ethnic population, has made countless influential contributions to music throughout history. The United States has often been called a “melting pot,” a unique mix of…

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    A New Generation of Superheroes

         The past two decades have been unquestionably erratic. The world has seen an increase in destructive natural disasters, market crashes, terrorist attacks, protests, mass shootings, extremist groups, wars, and, most recently, a pandemic.       These circumstances have shaped a generation of people like no other, known as Generation Z. This generation was…

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