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    On the 11th day at the 11th hour…

    Sempre Fi. Army Strong. The few, the strong. Born ready. No matter what branch, Armistice day — more commonly known as Veterans day — is a day dedicated to honoring those brave enough to serve for our country. Veterans day was established after the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany, although it…

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    The Changing Face of Dating

    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we see how thoroughly we’ve internalized the message that we must have someone — anyone — to celebrate with. And with the rise of digital media to solve every problem and meet every need, people are experimenting with drastically different ways to find that “true love.” Finding someone face-to-face has…

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  • Right to Balance

    Knowing your limits and how much of a workload you can bear is the key to being successful in high school; however, the recent #push for students to take #AP classes has completely changed that. Without the option of accelerated classes, students are forced to choose between regular and AP classes, which have a drastically…

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