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    How to: Find Good Music

    Although music is considered to be a “universal language,” the most universal aspect of music is that it has no common definition. Musical taste can vary from person to person: we like what we like, and it can be hard to change that. Just like your favorite movies or your sense of style, the kind…

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  • Entertainment

    The Great Return: Vinyl

    In an artist’s merch store, the cool t-shirts, hoodies, and bags get the main attention while the cassettes, CDs, and vinyl records get treated like white noise – except for among audiophiles, who seek out the high-fidelity sound of vinyl records.  Vinyl record sales have been increasing since 2006, with a 22% increase just in…

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    Getting past the obstacles

         Many of us vividly remember March 13, 2020 as the day when everything fell apart. As people started stocking up on toilet paper and social distancing became the new norm, the difficulty of life was raised to “hard” without warning.       Of course, quarantine wasn’t all that bad. However, once August came…

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Westerner: The Maine West student voice for more than 50 years