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    Senior Season Cancelled

    With the end of the school year in sight, the class of 2020 has had an unprecedented last few months of high school. The coronavirus is at the center of this issue, having caused the country to shelter at home as school and all its activities are canceled for the time being, including graduation, prom,…

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  • Features

    Wild Collections

    Collections seem to be a fairly lost art these days. There are, however, still many students and teachers who are avid collectors and are passionate about topics we wouldn’t expect. While we usually envision collections as seashells, rocks, cds, etc, collections can be very meaningful and can represent things that people value and care about…

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  • The Tribe Team

    The highlight of third period on Fridays: Tribe News. Their segments tell the stories of Maine West’s events and highlight students’ personalities. Behind the scenes, the Advanced Television and Film Production team brainstorm, write, film, and edit each video for weeks before they are broadcast at school. “It takes about a week and a half…

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  • seeing skyscrapers

    seeing skyscrapers by jenna robbins reporter Including everything from the tops of Chicago skyscrapers to century-old underground bank vaults, Open House Chicago is a celebration of the city’s world-class architecture that will take place all over Chicago Oct. 14-15. The annual event is absolutely free, and it gives people the opportunity to explore the inner…

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