July 24, 2024

By Joey B. /

The boys track and field team is getting ready for Conference at Niles North High School. The boys team is ready for any competition. “We’re confident we’ll go out there and give them a run for their money,” said sophomore Ryan Hauptman.

As the season came to a close, Hauptman recalled some of the greatest highlights of the season, “One of the most memorable moments was when our 4×400 team got a time below 4 minutes.” Hauptman also speaks very highly of how fun the season was, “Our team environment is very relaxed,” he says, “we joke around with each other and have fun while we’re running.” Hauptman says having fun greatly contributes to their success and the bond that they have as a team.  

Even though it has been a cold and rainy season, the team has persevered and ran throughout the weather. “It is definitely harder running in the cold and you have to make sure you get a good warmup in so you don’t hurt yourself,” said Hauptman. Even though it is cold, everyone is happy to be back since the last couple years have been canceled or shortened due to COVID. “Track and field really is a fun experience,” says Hauptman. He also encourages anyone who wants to join track, to do it, “It doesn’t matter who you are, we have many different events and we will find one right for you. It really is like a family, and everyone is friendly with each other.”

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