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Jingle Ball is Back in Business


Featuring a lineup of multiple famous artists, the Jingle Ball is an annual winter concert hosted by Chicagoland’s popular radio station, 103.5 KISS FM. Artists such as Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, Black Eyed Peas and Saweetie. Scheduled to be held at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont last year, but cancelled, it now takes place on December 7th. But, Illinois has lifted its social distancing policies, and the 2021 103.5 Jingle Ball is back in business.

Junior Sage Miller, who frequently goes to concerts, felt the effects of a 2020 without them. “When I attended a virtual concert livestream of one of my favorite bands, Chase Atlantic, it made me realize how much I missed going to concerts in-person,” she said.

This year, almost a year after the COVID vaccine has become available, rates of the virus are declining, but not exactly quickly. Junior Josephine Groves assures us that this timidness isn’t needed: “If everyone is vaccinated or tested negative, then it should be okay [to go to the Jingle Ball].” 

Junior Emily Steingard, who has attended the Jingle Ball annually with her sister, said, “The tickets aren’t that expensive, especially if you sit farther in the back, which isn’t much different than if you sit in the front. And, since it’s at the Allstate Arena, it’s not that far either.” The Jingle Ball presents a great opportunity to brighten up the upcoming winter months.


Picture by Monisa Yusra

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