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Senior Reflection 2020

Jenna Robbins


News Editor

Step-by-step: Four years filled with excitement
By Jenna Robbins
News Editor
High school has provided the most fun years of my life so far. I worked the hardest I’ve ever worked in these four years, and I’ve had the most excitement, too.
Freshman year was crazy simply because everything was brand new. I started the year in marching band, and over the course of the season, I did everything from learning how to march and play my clarinet at the same time to going to iHOP with my whole section, to performing in competitions and at football games. That same year, I joined the freshman badminton team, which provided a team I love and a sport I’m passionate about. Also in the spring, I joined the Westerner for the green issue, destined to be an entertainment writer and news editor.
Sophomore year was a blur, filled with new friends and a million inside jokes, along with the continuation of my band, badminton, and newspaper careers. Junior year was as stressful as everyone says, but it was the most fun year yet. I started to be the person I am today during junior year, and my friendships grew more and more solid, as did my commitments to my activities. I was an assistant section leader for my clarinet section, and I made the varsity badminton team.
Senior year, although cut short, was my favorite by far. I was a full clarinet section leader, and I got to teach clarinet freshmen what I had learned as a freshman in marching band. I also had as much fun in my classes as I did outside of them, and I was figuring out my future, step by step, with my closest friends by my side. Even though the year ended without all of the pomp and circumstance of previous years, I’m so grateful for the time I had at Maine West. All of the memories, inside jokes, and friendships will last a lifetime.
Go Warriors!




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