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Senior Reflection 2020

Alexis Huerta


Features Editor

Stories from the stream
By Alexis Huerta
Features Editor
One of the opportunities high school provided me that I am the most grateful for is the unique ability to go back and watch myself grow up. I got to see more than just the typical yearbook picture of me from the beginning of each year. For our generation, especially, we were some of the first to come into high school with cell phones, and because of that, I have countless videos of me and my friends from random points throughout the last four years.
It’s incredible to go back and see what I found funny back then, what was going through everyone’s mind at the time.
I get to relive my panic at having my first AP test, or see new friendships slowly blossom over time as different people start to appear more and more in photos and videos. It reminds me of the people who helped me become who I am today, especially as some of them appear less and less.
High school wasn’t always the happiest time of my life. I think that goes for everyone, but one thing I think everyone can agree on is that it was the perfect time to find out who we are. Gone were the middle school days where we were essentially just miniature versions of our parents. Now we were old enough to start making our own decisions, to take on new responsibilities that were never available to us before. I’ve seen photos of myself at work, hanging out with friends and not just “going to their house as long as there’s an adult there.” It’s a level of freedom that prepares us to take the next steps in our lives, and for that I am more grateful to Maine West than I can possibly explain. The memories I’ve made there may be done being written, but I will forever cherish each and every one.




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