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Pop-Shop Discredits Rumors


Despite rumors about struggling to be profitable, the Maine West Pop-Shop is not losing money due to the block schedule change. The Pop-Shop is making a profit and is not at risk of closing down.

“The pop-shop makes money every day,” Entrepreneurship teacher David Baysinger said. “Our sales have actually increased being opened during 5th and 6th on block days. It’s opened up a big chunk of time and it’s been really successful.” Despite being in charge of the class, Baysinger credits the recent success to his entrepreneurship class students. “ They have a CEO and makes decision like who staffs it and when they open. I have it so I’m not running it, they are.”

Baysinger said that the Pop-Shop is not about making a profit anyway, but to give his students experience with managing. “You have to realise that there is a no competition contract with the district. This is not about making the most money” In layman’s terms, the Pop-Shop is not allowed to compete with the other food and drink vendors in the school for profit and have to follow strict guidelines to be allowed to operate inside the school, like only being allowed to be open during certain periods and only allowed to sell a limited amount of products. “It’s not a negative thing, they are serving the students and it allows us to communicate with them (the district),” explains Baysinger



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