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Marty Moylan’s Win


During the midterm elections on Nov. 6, Marty Moylan (D) surpassed Marilyn Smolenski (R) by more than ten percent to secure a spot as state representative for the 55th district, which includes Des Plaines. His progressive stance on gun control and family values helped to propel him to the win.

All over Des Plaines, locals proudly established their viewpoint by putting green “Marty Moylan – State Representative” signs in their yards, eclipsing the occasional republican endorsement for Smolenski. Sophomore Sam Poplawski, who interned for Marty Moylan and his team said that they don’t take any votes for granted. “Voting is so important, especially now. Every person who doesn’t vote is wasting their freedom within this country,” Poplawski said.

Moylan started out in politics in 2007 as an alderman in Des Plaines, stepped into the role of Mayor of Des Plaines in 2009 and has been State Representative since 2013. He was endorsed by the Chicago Sun-Times and ran his campaign on the basis of gun safety, lowering property taxes, and fair and equal salaries.

Poplawski also said Moylan taught her that “to be in politics you have to have a strong heart,” and that she “learned to understand both sides of each person.” Moylan takes office again on  Jan. 10, and will be part of the overwhelming Democratic population of the house of representatives.



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