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On the 11th day at the 11th hour…


Sempre Fi. Army Strong. The few, the strong. Born ready. No matter what branch, Armistice day — more commonly known as Veterans day — is a day dedicated to honoring those brave enough to serve for our country.

Veterans day was established after the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany, although it was only a cease fire at the time this agreement effectively ended World War I until the Treaty of Versaille was written up and signed as a more formal end to the conflict. The signing of the armistice is now celebrated in many of the Ally nations, not only the US, and has become a symbol of the sacrifice those serving have made for the better of the nation and all those living in it.

With the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice coming up this November 11th, now more than ever we all need to come together as a nation, no matter what political party, religion, or nationality you associate yourself with, in order to honor everyone, living or deceased, who made the ultimate sacrifice which allows us to go to school and our friends house without fear.

We can bring honoring those who served at our own school by attending the veterans day assembly this Thursday morning at 7am and making all the veterans in attendance feel welcome within the walls of Maine West. “I feel it’s important to take time from our busy schedules and reflect on the events and lives that have come before us which shaped and molded who we are,” stated assistant principal John Aldworth, an avid advocate and supporter of honoring veterans, especially on Veterans Day, here at Maine West as well as getting students involved in the festivities.




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