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Science Day 2018


The first Saturday of November saw Maine West’s annual science fair. Over 200 middle and elementary school students came to participate in different science activities. These had a range of topics including chain reactions, DNA, messy home experiments and chemistry demonstrations.

Senior Vincent Parcelli was in charge of an egg drop station. Kids were encourgared to use their scientific thinking to build a contraption that caused their egg to drop over 20 feet without breaking. “The biggest takaway was seeing the kids build their own designs,” Parcelli said.

Senior Claire Faust was in a more demonstration based room. She and several other Maine West students took mashed bananas, applied different chemicals and put them through a coffee filter. This created a layer of DNA and proteins, floating on top of the solution for the kids to see. “The little kids were thinking, ‘Oh, lets go watch the booms!’ But the older kids seemed to see how cool and specific science can be,” Faust said. “They learned how significant things can be even though seem so small and tiny.”

Science Honor Society sponsor Philip Sumida was proud of the ummense turnout. “The kids were having a great time,” Sumida said. “I think that science is fun and there are a lot of cool things to do. They got to see that the kids at the high school weren’t scary and that it’s a fun place to go to school.”



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