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Maine West and Maine East – Top 50 in Illinois High Schools


In May, US News released the 2018 list for best high schools statewide – ranking Maine West as the top 27th while Maine East ranked top 46th among Illinois. Both high schools were able to reach such high rankings due to their exceptional performance upon the following criteria: performance in the statewide test by low-income students(before being PARCC now SAT – although it has not been considered for this year’s ranking), the overall performance by financially challenged students, the number of AP/ college level classes taken by students, and, most importantly, graduation rates. Unfortunately, Maine South lacked behind due to its inability in meeting the first criteria mentioned before – performance in the statewide test by low-income students. There is hope, however, with the implementation of the SAT as the standard test for Illinois, that would make a rigid equal outline in which US news can asses high schools more accurately,  Maine Township Schools will be able to secure high rankings among the Illinois top high schools by US News.

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