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Anti-Gay Protest Erupts at Mountain View Mines

Embracing their first amendment rights, protesters stood by the end of the road at Mountain View Adventure Center on Algonquin Road in Des Plaines on March 17. They protested against gay marriage holding up signs hoping to spread their message out.

Shelli Sarg who works for the Des Plaines Park District and Mountain View Mines said that she was confused as to why the protesters chose that spot to express their opinion. She thought maybe that they chose that spot because they were hoping a train would stop the cars going by and notice their signs. “The park district doesn’t mind that these things happen as long as it doesn’t interfere in our business. They should have at least called us first to get our permission,” Sarg mentioned.

Protesters dissipated within the matter of minutes after the administrators knew about this going on. “If this was a more aggressive protest, then yes I think that kids will be uneasy about this and might know what’s happening. Sometimes kids will feed off their parents’ opinions,” Sarg said.


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