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Holly Days and Winter Assembly

Student Council  has spent the past month preparing for this week’s winter assembly and Holly Days.

For the winter assembly, the whole school gets together in the Spec Gym for team games and songs . StuCo sponsor Melissa Lloyd anticipates an enthusiastic response from the student body, who are looking beyond finals to winter break.  “You guys can’t get down the hall fast enough,” she said.

This week’s Holly Days dress up days are, winter characters/meme on Monday, winter sports on Tuesday, PJ’s on Wednesday, ugly sweaters on Thursday, and red and green on Friday. During the assembly, the winter sports teams will be recognized and classes will challenge each other, as well as the faculty, in the school-wide games. Giving a peek into StuCo’s plans, “the games are Reindeer game, Penguin game and the snow game,” said Lloyd.

Already, teachers are decorating classroom doors and hallways to add sparkle to the days, with lower A-Wing, upper E-Wing, and lower C-wing featuring everything from lights strung along the ceilings to decorated trees.

For the assembly itself and the week events, StuCo gets their ideas from a lot of different people. “We collaborate with other schools. I was just at a meeting with 20 schools and people will just throw out their ideas,” Lloyd said. They will also ask students, teachers and class councils for their opinions.



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