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YES unfolds in the cafeteria

Approximately 120 Des Plaines teens will gather at the Maine West cafeteria on Nov. 11 to attend the annual Youth Empowerment Seminar. Leaders will lead groups to discuss various topics that are pertinent to them, such as social media, dating issues, and friendship.

Led by Maine West, the Des Plaines Youth Commission, and the Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation, students ages 13 to 18 will be participating in a team building activity after watching and talking about the various topics they chose. Maine West Warrior Pride members were trained to become leaders in this seminar to serve the 120 middle school and high school students who have signed up.

“We are very interested in developing kids who feel that their voice will be heard,” said Mary Dankowski, Maine West staff member and Des Plaines Youth Commision coordinator.

The Youth Empowerment Seminar was established in Des Plaines in 2013 and continues to serve local students.

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