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V-Show completes its annual production

In this year’s V-Show, students from Maine West showed the audience their talents by singing, dancing, and doing other acts, Nov 4-6 for “That Angsty 80’s V-Show.”

V-Show is a performance where the audience gets to enjoy the different acts the performers put together after long hours of practice during the past six weeks. Senior Geeva Chirayath and her friends performed a dance they titled “Bollywood” which incorporated traditional dancing and clothes.

“Friday’s show was most nerve wracking because it had the best outcome for the number of people. It gets you nervous because you don’t know how the crowd will react. When the crowd isn’t pumped up, it feels super awkward, so we need the cheering to feel comfortable,” Chirayath said.

In addition to encouraging students to test their talents on stage, the V-Show allowed students from all grades to bond together,  according to senior singer Yoanna Smilkova. “Last year was my first year at Maine West and I felt like I didn’t really have friends there and I didn’t really connect with anyone, but this year I felt as if I was a part of the whole show. It felt like we were one big family,” Smilkova said.

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