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Institute days give teachers new ideas

Teachers were put into the student’s place this week Institute day for the semi annual teacher institute day on Nov. 7. On teacher institute day, teachers continued planning for next year’s change to a modified block schedule and worked in teams on lessons for current classes.

Maine West science teacher Jeffrey Tieman said teachers learned “new ways to plan lessons, assess understanding, and differentiate lessons.”  In addition to that,  “institute days give us time to collaborate with teachers of other content areas that I would never be able to talk to on the average school day,” Tieman added. During this institute day in particular, teachers “looked at a new ways of making lesson plans to help adapt to to the 90 minute block schedule,” Tieman said.

Students should plan ahead because the next institute day will be held Jan. 8, the first day of second semester, when students will not be required to attend school.



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