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Homecoming Sports

Same Tradition, New Faces AND Adding Underclassmen



By Dominik Bronakowski

And Suzanna Linek

As the classes of 2017 and 2018 prepare for this year’s Powderpuff competition, many students are rooting for a second win for the seniors. The juniors and seniors will go against each other in the homecoming Powderpuff flag football game in the Maine West stadium this Friday at 7 p.m.

The seniors have ambition to win another game for their class, but there is a strong junior roster who believe they have a shot at winning too.

“We feel pretty confident in going against the seniors because we have a lot of good athletic teammates. One of the star players on the junior team this year is junior Vanessa Reyes, and she will be playing as one of the quarterbacks,” junior Rachel Kent said.

On the other hand, the senior team boasts many athletic standouts as well. CTE teacher Greg Reichelt, the coach of the class of 2018’s team this year and last year, expressed his excitement for this year’s quarterback: senior Alisa Fallon. She “made some wonderful plays for us last year. The juniors will need to stop her to have a shot at a victory,” Reichelt said.

“I am really confident with my flag football skills due to the practice and game last year. I got more familiar with it and now it’s something I really enjoy playing,” Fallon said.

Both sides are bringing a lot of enthusiasm to this homecoming tradition and hope it will be a fun and competitive night.

“The past two years, I’ve watched my sister play in Powderpuff, and it has gotten me more excited to play each time. I’m 100% ready for this win for the junior team,” junior Regan Bechtold said, reflecting on watching her sister Lauren Bechtold, class of 2017.

 “We have to be ready for whatever the seniors throw at us. Walking around the school, I hear a lot of people saying how the juniors have no chance. Well, I have a ton of faith in our squad, and to those people, I say that they must be mistaken: the juniors are coming!” junior Powderpuff coach Officer Beauvais said.

With a taco truck, bonfire, and luau planned as part of the Powderpuff festivities, students of all grades will have lots to celebrate.         


In the first-ever freshman v.s sophomore Powderpuff game, underclassmen will also take the field this Friday at 6 p.m.

“I am excited because I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now and the time has finally come,” sophomore Lyris Daker said.

The honor of getting to be the first underclassmen to compete isn’t lost on the players. “It feels really special to get this opportunity to start high school and play right away,” freshman Anna Gonzalez said.

The freshmen will be able to do and enjoy what the juniors have been waiting to do their whole time at Maine West. “We will providing T-shirts, food, and a fun atmosphere during practice and games. We will also be practicing the fundamentals of football, then introducing the girls to some plays, so we can learn how to score against the sophomores.” freshman coach guidance counselor Shamoon Ebrahimi said.

The sophomore team is confident that they will take the win because they bring seniority and more experience in high school athletics.

“Most girls are competitive and determined. All of us are at about the same level. We touched up our skills at the practices and have a goal in mind to achieve,” Daker said. On the other hand, the freshman team is also getting hyped up for the event.

“I feel special because it’s the first year freshmen get this opportunity to start high school and play right away,” freshman Anna Gonzalez said.



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