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Remembering Warriors-Arturo

Arturo Quintero: 2001-2017

by Danny Daood

asst. news editor

Arturo Quintero, a Maine West sophomore, was driving back home from a trip in Mexico when he was in a tragic car accident that led to his death on July 28, 2017. Arturo was with his father, his two younger brothers—Marco, a seventh grader attending Algonquin Middle School, and Christian, his four year old brother—and family friend Maine West sophomore Brian Victor. They were involved in a fatal car crash involving a semi truck just outside the border of Michoacan, Mexico. Arturo had initially survived the crash in stable condition and was expected to pull through, but the degree of his injuries eventually caught up with him, and he passed away in the hospital just a few days later. His father, as well as his 12-year-old brother Marco, died in the accident. Christian, however, survived the crash in stable condition and is currently back home with his mother. Brian remains in critical condition, but is expected to pull through.

Arturo was a well-liked football player here at Maine West. Offensive line coach Daniel Wilson described Arturo as a “hard working, funny, and reliable kid. He didn’t miss a single morning grind. Any positive word you can think of can be used to describe him.” The passing of Arturo “really put into perspective that there are things more important than football. If he [were] still here, I would make it more clear how much I actually cared for him.”

Arturo had a huge impact on everyone with his positive spirit. His mother, Josefina Quintero, said that, “he was quiet at times, but he was always happy and would laugh at everything. He loved to play around with cars and fix them. He had dreams of one day designing cars so that one day they could be better.” As a kid, Arturo “was always smiling and obedient. He cared for his family and for others very much. When somebody was sick in the house he would always try to help them in any way that he could. He always thought of others before himself,” his mother said. Arturo radiated his positivity onto others, and will be missed by many.



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