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Hula Into Homecoming

Hula Into Homecoming

Warriors share their thoughts and opinions on how to make the most out of their


By: Arline Vargas

Celebrating the colorful Hawaiian culture, the Hawaiian-themed homecoming dance will bring the luau spirit to spec gym on Sept.30 at 7 p.m.

Whether it is fear, nerves, or excitement that students are feeling towards the anticipated event, students and staff are encouraging everyone to attend this semi-formal dance and make lifelong memories. Tickets will be on sale in the bookstore this week at $25.

Different Quotes:

“Freshmen probably don’t know what to expect; homecoming is our biggest dance. You don’t have to go with a date. It’s an excellent night to just go with friends, or whomever you like. It is a great way to be immediately involved; this way, [freshmen] feel like they’re actually apart of the whole Maine West student body.”

        -StuCo Sponsor Samantha Archer

“I think the week [before homecoming] is such a great way to get school spirit; I was very scared my freshman year.  When it came to the dress up days for homecoming, I didn’t want to go all out, I didn’t think it was going to be cool, but the more spirit you have and show, the more fun you’re going to have. [The homecoming dance] is a time where you can look nice, have fun, and not care what anyone thinks about you.”

        -Senior Nicole Taneva

“Some of my best memories are from the homecoming dances. I think everyone should make the most out of their time in high school by going to school events such as homecoming. You should dance with your friends, sing every word to every song you know, take a lot of pictures with everyone, and make it the best night ever because you only get four homecomings in your life.”

        -Senior Katelyn Aragon

“If guys want to ask someone on a date, then they should. If you’re nervous, gain some confidence and try your best to ask your date. The worst thing that can happen is them saying no, and if that’s the case, just go with a group of friends. You’ll have a great time with, or without a date.”

        -Junior Nestor Alcantar



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