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Facing your Demons By: Jelena

Starting the season with a 3-1 record, the Warriors will take on rivals Maine East this Thursday night in the homecoming football game. The Demons started the season with a 1-3 record, with blowout losses to Wheeling and Buffalo Grove.

Given the Warriors 14-6 victory over Wheeling just a week ago, they are heading into the homecoming game feeling confident about bringing home win.

In a change from the usual Friday night under the lights, this year’s homecoming game will be on Thursday, due to the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, a Jewish holiday that starts Friday at sundown. Instead, the girls will take the field on Friday in girls Powderpuff.

As the team prepares to take on the Demons in the homecoming match up, they have studied Maine East to craft their strategy. “Their offensive line has some good size, but I believe that our D-line is more athletic than them, so we should be able to pressure their quarterback into having to make quick decisions,” senior Nestor O’Brien said.

Not only is their defensive line getting ready to take on the offensive line of the Demons, but they plan on “punishing their cornerbacks with the speed of our wide receivers,” senior Matt Jordan said.

As for the coaches’ expectations,  it’s not just beating Maine East that is on their agenda, “This year we want to not only make the playoffs, but to be the first team in Maine West history to win a playoff game,” Kradman said.

Leading up to the homecoming game, the Warriors have had three decisive wins. In the first game against Streamwood on Aug. 25, junior Ely Grimmer returned a pick-six for one touchdown and added a second one later in the game. Junior Jacob Bellizzi also scored two touchdowns, and seniors Matt Litas and Walter Hutt were also able to rack up some points for the varsity football team finishing the game with a blowout score of 42-0.

Despite the quick touchdown by Wheeling on Sept. 14, the Warriors rallied to win 14-6, thanks to senior Matt Kentgen who had 109 yards receiving and scored both touchdowns.

“By making our boys believe in themselves, we’ll be able to avoid those games that really came down to the wire last year,” O’Brill said.



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