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Enhance your Dance

Enhance your dance

by kara dempsey

entertainment editor


Danny Fowler

photo editor

Even if you are never going to get in formation in one of Beyonce’s music videos, you can still bring the moves to the homecoming dance floor. Orchesis sponsor Lisa Jacob encourages all students to abandon their fears and stick to simple, easy-to-adapt dances. Even if you trip over your own feet,  “the best way to impress your date is to KEEP IT CLASSY MAINE WEST!” Jacob said.

Learn along with Westerner editors senior Matthew Montanile, junior Kara Dempsey, and senior Dominik Bronakowski as Jacob teaches them the best steps for dance success.

tootsie roll

“Roll the knees and toes in, and then roll them out. Stay low and smile!”

 Jacob said.

lawn mower

“Pull the cord and mow.  Make sure you are waving at your neighbors and the people driving by!” Jacob said.

shopping cart

“Get your cart and get shopping.  Pick the things on the high shelves and wink at the passerbys,” Jacob said.

the sprinkler

“Choose the type of sprinkler you will emulate and water the crowd!” Jacob said.

The Salsa

“America is falling in love with Latin music. Everyone should learn how to Salsa; it is only three steps. Bachata is just a grapevine with a hip. Merengue is simply walking in place adding some hips,” Jacob said.

The whip/dab

“Whenever a song or artist can get the whole country behind a dance move or a dance, I love it. The recent dance move trends are too many to count. Hit the dab, and the whip; you all know what to do,” Jacob said.



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