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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy


The student-produced newspaper of Maine West High School, the Westerner, is dedicated to maintaining the values of truth, integrity, and courage in reporting. The Westerner provides an open public forum for free and responsible expression of student opinion, as well as balanced coverage of issues of student interest. The staff encourages discussion and free expression between all members of the school and community and maintains its responsibility to inform and educate the student body.


Unsigned editorials represent the majority viewpoint of the editorial board. Letters to the editor, which are subject to editing for length and clarity, must be signed by name and may be published upon approval from the editorial board. Opinions in letters are not necessarily those of the Westerner, nor should any opinion expressed in the Westerner be construed as the opinion or policy of the adviser, the Westerner staff as a whole, the school staff, the school administration, or District 207 school board.




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