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  • The Bohemian Boolean

    Physics Phun with Phriends

    I wanted to share the longer version of an article I published for my school newspaper – on Page 9 in the flipbook for the issue coming out tomorrow, February 2nd. Check it out on the website, too, to see all of our cool page designs and other articles! For this in-depth article, I had…

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  • Winning Winter

    From skating to skiing, a total of 92 countries will be competing in this year’s Winter Olympics, with the lavish opening ceremonies kicking off this coming Friday in PyeongChang, South Korea. Athletes in fifteen sports are preparing to compete with the best of the best. This year 75% of students plan on watching the games,…

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Miranda Gonzalez has been on staff for three years and is currently a senior. She is co-captain of the varsity badminton and girls swim team. She is also an officer for Tribe and WADA.