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    Maine Township Government Day

    45 students, 15 from each Maine school, went on a field trip today to learn about the government process and how specific agencies receive funding. “I thought it was really interesting learning about all of the agencies and learning that the township supports many organizations. It was also interesting to learn of how the funding works in the Maine Township,” senior Maja Kozerski said.

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    On the 11th day at the 11th hour…

    Sempre Fi. Army Strong. The few, the strong. Born ready. No matter what branch, Armistice day — more commonly known as Veterans day — is a day dedicated to honoring those brave enough to serve for our country. Veterans day was established after the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany, although it…

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    Block-ed opportunities

    We’re all getting used to the block schedule and how it affects us, teachers included. There are so many different ways that teachers have been using this extended period to help students and, although some work well many others… not so much. In my classes alone, I’ve seen multiple different ways in which the block…

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    “Dreaming in Color” places in the Lincoln-Way Band Invitational

    Congratulations! Performing their program “Dreaming in Color”, featuring music from Piazzolla and Coldplay, the band competed in the Lincoln-Way Marching Band Invitational. With great scores competing with 11 marching bands, the band placed 9th, colorguard 8th, and drumline 4th. “Going up against bands known as Bands of America who are well founded and have sponsors from various well-known businesses, overwhelmed me and made me feel like we wouldn’t win. Earning higher scores than more than half of them and placing well was a great way to end my senior year marching band season,” senior section leader Ivan Sanchez said.

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    Culinary art students visit LSG Sky Chefs

    Maine West’s advanced culinary art students visited LSG Sky Chefs to learn the many aspects of food production and distribution for airlines. Genevieve B. commented “The tour was very interesting to learn about how much work it takes to get a simple bag of pretzels on a plane.”

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