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  • Writing Newspaper Staff

    Amaan Siddiqui

      Editor-in-chief/Sports Editor Amaan is a senior and the 2018-2019 co-editor-in-chief. He has been on the westerner staff since the end of his freshman year and has written for both news and sports. He enjoys having discussions with his peers and different kinds of professionals on a variety of social issues and athletic events. He…

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  • Writing Newspaper Staff

    Davis Parks

      News Editor Davis Parks is involved in many other school activities including mock trial and, most prominently, math team. He has played trumpet since 4th grade. His primary sport is Ultimate Frisbee. Davis is very passionate about academics, spending most of his free time doing nerdy things like creating mathematical studies or solving Rubik‚Äôs…

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  • Digital Media Staff

    Leonardo Galindo-Frias

    Chief of Digital Media Leo is the Chief of Digital Media, he collaborates with a team of students in developing the website of the Westerner. He loves technology, video games and food. Foodie could be the best description for Leo’s geekiness in cuisine. Give him a sandbox and he will make the most bizarre things….

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