Meet the Editors

Emma Dempsey


Emma has been on the Westerner staff for the past three years. She's an avid reader and writer, but also loves the Westerner because it gives her the chance to meet new people and make student voices heard. Emma is also involved in Voice for the Nameless and Track & Field.

Stefan Balaban


Anita Jasinska

Assoc. Chief Editor

Anita Jasinska has been part of the Westerner since her sophomore year. She's worked under the In-Depth and News sections, and has also been an assistant photo editor. Anita enjoys using Photoshop.

Bhagirath Mehta

Copy/Digital Media Editor

Bhagirath Mehta is the copy/digital media editor of the Westerner.

Christopher Rios


Benjamin Heim

Head In-Depth Editor

Ben is a senior at Maine West who, after graduation, will be attending Northeastern University in Boston to study Music Composition and Technology/Computer Science. He has been on the Westerner staff for two years, initially as a reporter for the entertainment section, and currently as head In-Depth Editor.

Acacia Hernandez

Sports editor

Acacia Hernandez is editor of the sports section. She is a senior this year and it is her third year on staff. She has been on the basketball team since her freshman year and is also Vice President of Spanish National Honor Society. Her favorite part of the day is watching the sunset.

Catherine Buchaniec

Opinions Editor

Catherine has been a Westerner staff member since her freshman year and has served as both the asst. and head opinions editor. In addition to theĀ Westerner, Catherine has been involved with Principal's Leadership Team, DECA, Mock Trial, COACH, Fencing, and the Warrior Summer Reading Program. She also plays alto saxophone in the school's Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Marching Band.

SanHa Lim

Opinions Editor

Sanha has been a part of the Westerner staff for the past two years. If you would like to learn more about him, you can read more on his Wikipedia Page.

Nataley Grimmer

Entertainment Editor

Nataley has been on the Westerner since her sophomore year. She started out as a sports reporter. The next year she continued in the sports section and had the role of asst. sports editor. To end her carrier on the Westerner, she moved to the entertainment section as was the editor for her senior year. She has also been involved in orchesis at Maine West her four years. She has loved being a part of the Westerner family.

Daniel Fowler

Kara Dempsey

Art Editor

Kara Dempsey is a sophomore. This is her first year on the Westerner. She is involved at school as part of the golf and track & field teams. Kara is also a class council representative.

Jelena Pejovic

Miranda Gonzalez

Assisstant Entertainment Editor

Miranda Gonzalez has been on staff for three years and is currently a senior. She is co-captain of the varsity badminton and girls swim team. She is also an officer for Tribe and WADA.

Amaan Siddiqui

Asst. Sports Editor

Amaan Siddiqui is a sophomore who plays basketball and writes for the Westerner's sports section.

Matthew Montanile

Martylinette Sanchez

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