• A New Precedent

    With Republican Donald Trump bragging about his lewd treatment of women and Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign attacked by Russian hackers, the presidential race has been filled with spectacle and drama, in addition to the usual conflicts over different policies. Whether it’s on immigration, climate change, healthcare, or national security, the candidates hold many contradictory beliefs….

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  • Race: The Modern Wall

    Whether it is within the walls of West or in the heated arena of political debate during election season, the concept of race and concern about racial equality are issues that continue to dominate American society, perhaps because of a lot of misunderstanding. Contrary to popular belief, the concept of race is not grounded in…

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  • Editorial Policy

    Editorial Policy   The student-produced newspaper of Maine West High School, the Westerner, is dedicated to maintaining the values of truth, integrity, and courage in reporting. The Westerner provides an open public forum for free and responsible expression of student opinion, as well as balanced coverage of issues of student interest. The staff encourages discussion…

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  • Editorial Board 2016-17

    Editorial Board:   Editor-in-Chief: Stefan Balaban, Emma Dempsey   Associate Editor-in-Chief: Anita Jasinska   News Editors: Chris Rios, Anita Jasinska   Features Editor: Emma Dempsey   In-Depth Editor: Ben Heim   Sports Editors: Stefan Balaban, Acacia Hernandez   Opinions Editors: Catherine Buchaniec, Sanha Lim   Entertainment Editor: Nataley Grimmer   Photo Editor: Danny Fowler  …

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  • Prosthetic Arms

    Over the years, I wrote many snippets about my ongoing activities, but never got a chance to actually post them on a blog, especially because I was busy with a trip to Poland two summers ago and multiple classes last summer (more on that later!) I finally got the chance to create a blog this…

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  • Basics of LATEX

    A useful guide I created for my sister on how to use the math coding language … Wanted to post it online, in case it would help others as well. Please check it out and ignore all of the jokes I found funny in my 3 AM drowsiness.——————————————– Try using LATEX in Word, or an online…

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