• Gung-ho Guardians

    Parents can serve as motivational voices for their children, pushing them to be the best they can be, but sometimes they push too far or get too intense in the process. This intensity can lead to ugly and heated confrontations between parents and coaches, players and game officials. ‚ÄúParents want their kids to be successful,…

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  • Method to the Maddoness

    First, man conquered the skies; then radio broadcasts became available; then televisions illuminated homes; then computers transmitted ideas; then man landed on the moon; then the internet was launched, and then the Cubs broke the longest World Series drought in history. For the first time in 108 years, the Cubs reclaimed their title as world…

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  • Dancers’ Precision Provides Key to Wins

    With new choreography, Warriorettes, the Maine West dance team, is striving to step up their scores in their winter competition season. The intense competition they face forces the team to make more realistic goals as it is very difficult to place first in the IHSA competitions. ‚ÄúCompetitions are extremely, extremely challenging since the IHSA is…

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