• Understanding Charlottesville

    #Violence in Virginia awakens national fears Outraged by the local government’s plans to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, white nationalists and the Unite the Right groups held a torch-bearing rally and march in #Charlottesville, VA, carrying guns and shouting Nazi slogans on Aug. 11-12. By Saturday morning, counter-protesters were marching as…

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  • Learning Litigation

    In preparation for a legal showdown at Maine West’s home Mock Trial tournament tomorrow, the team has analyzed the facts, plotted strategies, and transformed from a group of high school students into a legal team of lawyers and witnesses.   This year, Mock Trial Team takes up a case about a hazing incident at a…

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  • The Final Cut

    With responsibilities ranging from final class assessments to last-minute prom preparations, the end of the year is defined for many by a culmination of concluding events and a great deal of stress. With recent changes, however, a new district policy might help lighten the load.   Starting this May, all AP classes will have optional…

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  • Warrior: Branding Committee Creates a New Standardized Logo for West

    Following months of committee deliberation and professional design guidance, Maine West is welcoming in a brand new face. Effective immediately, West has an updated warrior logo. Aiming to standardize the mascot and give the school a design that will be recognizable and personal, staff members put together a branding committee to work with a graphic…

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  • News

    Pup & Coming

    Wagging his tail and eager to help, Teddy — Maine West’s first therapy dog — got his introduction to West last month.   “Teddy seemed to be kind of uncertain by the people in our class, but he was an overall kind and friendly dog. He did a couple of tricks and even high-fived a…

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  • Class leads C-Wing lot renovation

    In order to help the traffic flow in C-wing parking lot, the Civil Engineering class will be meeting with the engineers who work for the school to brainstorm ideas to remodel for the lot to be complete by the beginning of next school year.   The main point of the project was to improve the…

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