• Addition to Tradition

    Providing a taste of Hispanic Christmas culture, the annual Posada Dance, will take place on Dec. 16 from 7-10 p.m. in the student cafeteria. Hosted by the Hispanic Club, the dance is a way to remember and celebrate the posada tradition of Latin America. “In Latin America, it is a tradition for people to go…

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  • Merry Melodies

    Tri-M Music Honor Society aims to continue a Maine West tradition by caroling throughout downtown Des Plaines this December. Simultaneously raising awareness for the Prism Concert and enjoying the festivity of the season, the group of students will spend a Friday evening in early December visiting businesses around the community to sing songs and encourage…

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  • When the Secret Gets Out

    ‘Twill be the night before Christmas when after midnight, parents sneak out of bed to a place out of sight to find the gifts they have hidden at a great height. After eating the cookies they helped bake, they will return to their room and wait for the surprises in the morning. Children will be…

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  • Rush to a New Holiday

    While some think it is acceptable to be listening to ‘Deck the Halls’ the day after Halloween, others differ by thinking these songs should be put aside until Thanksgiving has passed. The Christmas windows are already on display at Macy’s on State Street in Chicago; 93.9 FM changed to an all-Christmas format last week, and…

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  • Thanks but No Thanks

    In the midst of holiday indulgences and Black Friday specials, Americans commonly drift farther and farther away from the true meaning of the holiday season: gratitude. Much like the suffering the Pilgrims first experienced, most Americans arrived here as struggling immigrants who had to work hard and rely on the help of others to survive,…

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  • Films Twist Reality

    With their spontaneous dance numbers, acne-free cast members, whirlwind romances, and essentially no homework, movies that feature school life are not set up to mirror what the real high school experience is like. Movies, especially, distort a person’s perception of the daily life experiences of teens. “At one point or another students have seen movies…

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