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    Voice for the Nameless

    Our very own Maine West Community has eagerly been serving as a platform to promote human rights for the past ten years. Originating from an extra credit field trip organized by Mr. Harper, Voice for the Nameless serves as an avenue to speak for individuals who may not have the opportunity to do so. Reflecting…

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    Malaika Zaidi

    Assistant News Editor Malaika is a junior and is the assistant editor of news. She joined the Westerner because she enjoys using writing as a platform to spread knowledge to other individuals. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys playing the piano and learning beautiful pieces….

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  • Lounging Around

    BY Malaika zaidi reporter Based on numerous requests on feedback sheets sent out by Principal’s Leadership Team in the past year, Maine West opened a senior lounge this fall, eliminating the faculty cafeteria to make way for more seating and tables. The old faculty cafeteria was redesigned and repurposed in order to give the class…

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