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  • Framing the Memories

    Framing the Memories Time may March forward but Alumni Homecoming memories show that traditions stay strong By: Martylinette Sanchez and Natalia Wolny While Maine West has been home to current students for less than four years, for alumni, Maine West has been a place that they have kept close to their hearts, even though decades…

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  • Beyond the Veil

    Life and death, family and freedom. That is what’s on the line for Maine West families after President Trump signed an executive on Jan. 27 order stopping any Syrian refugee from resettling here and banning people from seven Muslim-dominant countries from entering the United States. Homam Saffaf, a freshman who arrived here in August as…

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  • Thanks but No Thanks

    In the midst of holiday indulgences and Black Friday specials, Americans commonly drift farther and farther away from the true meaning of the holiday season: gratitude. Much like the suffering the Pilgrims first experienced, most Americans arrived here as struggling immigrants who had to work hard and rely on the help of others to survive,…

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  • Race: The Modern Wall

    Whether it is within the walls of West or in the heated arena of political debate during election season, the concept of race and concern about racial equality are issues that continue to dominate American society, perhaps because of a lot of misunderstanding. Contrary to popular belief, the concept of race is not grounded in…

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