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    The First Chapter in a Book of History

    To promote reading and writing, especially for children, National English Honor Society is currently having a children’s book drive, collecting gently used books for kids ages 3-12. All books are going to be donated to Toys for Tots. The book drive began on Dec. 3 and continues until Dec. 14. “Our events, like the book…

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  • Writing Newspaper Staff

    Kara Dempsey

    Editor-in-chief/Entertainment Editor Kara Dempsey is involved in other school activities including Track and Field and Voice for the Nameless. She throws shot put and discus and is a captain on the track team as well. One of her hobbies is making friendship bracelets. Her favorite memory was going on a service trip to South Africa…

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  • Enhance your Dance

    Enhance your dance by kara dempsey entertainment editor and Danny Fowler photo editor Even if you are never going to get in formation in one of Beyonce’s music videos, you can still bring the moves to the homecoming dance floor. Orchesis sponsor Lisa Jacob encourages all students to abandon their fears and stick to simple,…

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  • Humans of Maine West

    “[My experience with students] has been mostly positive. When students get their Chromebook back from repairs, I see the same happy smile and expression of relief on all of their faces. Some are short repairs; some take a long time to repair, but they all seem happy. One time, I remember we asked a Tech…

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  • Bugged Out

    As technology is incorporated into more and more aspects of Americans’ lives, they face greater threats when it comes to cyber security and being hacked. Hackers have proven that they can take control of almost everything online, whether it be credit card companies, specific websites or even one’s own camera on a personal laptop. Although…

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  • Forty is the New Zero

    As the school year gets into full swing, students have now grown accustomed to the new changes to the policies here at school. One such change is the new retake policy implemented by the school board. The new retake policy allows students to retake summative assessments after completing a series of requirements such as turning…

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