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  • Pup & Coming

    Wagging his tail and eager to help, Teddy — Maine West’s first therapy dog — got his introduction to West last month.   “Teddy seemed to be kind of uncertain by the people in our class, but he was an overall kind and friendly dog. He did a couple of tricks and even high-fived a…

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  • Partners in Pilgrimage

    Tens of thousands of people will travel on Dec. 12 to the Maryville Academy campus on River Road in Des Plaines for the celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Hispanic Catholics celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe, when they pay their respects to the Virgin Mary for the blessings they have received. Every…

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  • A New Precedent

    With Republican Donald Trump bragging about his lewd treatment of women and Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign attacked by Russian hackers, the presidential race has been filled with spectacle and drama, in addition to the usual conflicts over different policies. Whether it’s on immigration, climate change, healthcare, or national security, the candidates hold many contradictory beliefs….

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  • Quest Food Prices on the Rise

    With the contract renewal that occurred last summer, Quest has been serving Maine West students for well over 10 years. Though striving to serve healthy and affordable foods, product prices have increased in the past three years. Quest has tried balancing food prices by adjusting their prices to accommodate student interests. By charging students a…

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