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  • Humans of Maine West

    “[My experience with students] has been mostly positive. When students get their Chromebook back from repairs, I see the same happy smile and expression of relief on all of their faces. Some are short repairs; some take a long time to repair, but they all seem happy. One time, I remember we asked a Tech…

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  • Hack Attack: Unsound Bytes

    With the rise in everything from baby monitors to smart TVs to home thermostats connected to the Internet, security risks have increased, too, and these risks are present in everyday activities on the web, from leaks to hacks and emails to elections. A large number of hacks took place during the presidential election season, with…

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  • Push for AP

    Two new Advanced Placement (AP) classes, AP Computer Science Principles and the primarily freshman-directed AP World History, alongside policy changes this year, are leading to an increase in the number of AP classes that Maine West students are taking. AP classes are popular among ambitious students for two main reasons: they offer a challenge where…

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