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  • Warrior: Branding Committee Creates a New Standardized Logo for West

    Following months of committee deliberation and professional design guidance, Maine West is welcoming in a brand new face. Effective immediately, West has an updated warrior logo. Aiming to standardize the mascot and give the school a design that will be recognizable and personal, staff members put together a branding committee to work with a graphic…

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  • Merry Melodies

    Tri-M Music Honor Society aims to continue a Maine West tradition by caroling throughout downtown Des Plaines this December. Simultaneously raising awareness for the Prism Concert and enjoying the festivity of the season, the group of students will spend a Friday evening in early December visiting businesses around the community to sing songs and encourage…

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    Helping West students with everything from anxiety to concussions to colds, District 207’s School-Based Health Center (SBHC) is a primary care program located at Maine East that provides students with medical and mental health screenings and treatment. Designed for Maine Township students to be accessible, affordable, and confidential, the SBHC aims to improve the health…

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  • All Ready for Aldworth

      Returning to Maine West after serving as an administrator in other schools for the past decade, assistant principal for students John Aldworth has started his first year back with plenty of ideas and possibilities up his sleeve. With history as an English teacher and a volleyball coach at Maine West, Aldworth already feels comfortable…

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