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Seniors Helping Seniors


As I wrote before, after assisting senior scientists at Argonne National Lab with technology, I was inspired to change our NHS project to teaching technology to senior citizens.

We branded it “Seniors Empowering Seniors” as our high school seniors would be helping senior citizens in local nursing homes and assisted living centers. I “crowd sourced” the creation of presentations for three possible classes, which we organized by different topics – one class was on using emails, Hangouts, memes, etc, another on using social media and the last one on messaging grandchildren and video calling them. We also had a Genius Bar style class prepared and created a presentation to train all of our NHS leaders in assisting senior citizens with their new phones, tablets and laptops.

Our first event was held at the Des Plaines Library with the Center for Concern. Senior citizens ate lunch as we showed them slides on a projector. Then, our student mentors at each table would further explain the topic to them.

UPDATE: After holding two sessions at the Des Plaines Public Library, we were invited to teach two classes each at two different local nursing homes! Even though we were initially going to hold our classes only in Quarter 1, demand was so great that we agreed to hold classes throughout the year!

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