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Braille Printing Sample


We 3-D printed our first Braille sample, which is pretty high quality, despite us printing at low resolution. We are planning to clean it up with sandpaper, iron wool, acetone and some other tools to make sure the final version is not too rough.

We got some input from A.S., the first visually-impaired student to go to our school (who has been reading Braille since she was 5!), and she advised us to make sure that the letters are not too closely spaced (as the second row is). We used files from online and it seems like the creators of this file tried to fit 13 letters into each line, but this kind of spacing may not work the best in real life. Spacing closer to the letters in the first few letters in the first row may be better. In general, A.S. advised us to keep a space the size of a column of cells in between consecutive letters.

This brought back memories of my first grade teacher having me run a station during Workshop Time, when I was younger, on how to make your own letters in Braille (I used to be really interested in Braille, sign language and Morse code) . I used to fold pieces of paper into eighths and have fellow students make deep indentations to create raised dots and spell the letters in the name according to a chart.

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