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#HelloWorld Argonne National Lab


Yesterday, I was invited to speak to senior scientists at Argonne National Lab. After hearing about our #HelloWorldBootCamp for 30 middle school students, they requested me to give them a one-hour crash course on creating a website.

I helped them learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to code their own websites from scratch and offered them advice on using WordPress, BootStrap and other tools. Starting off my presentation by quoting the famous adage “Code is read much more often than it is written,” I tried to frame my talk around that quote and teach the scientists how to not only write code for themselves, but read (and modify) existing code.

Are you there camera? It’s me, Margaret. 
An image of me presenting a slide about embedding images in websites being embedded in my website: Imageception
A few PhDs, an MIT undergrad and me teaching them. No biggie.
The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination. – Albert Einstein
The true sign of nervousness is not filler words, but wild gesticulation. – Me


After realizing that senior scientists – even some with PhDs – needed help with technology skills as essential as building a website, I decided that I would steer my National Honor Society’s project towards helping senior citizens with technology.

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