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The Bohemian Boolean

Why the Name?

Some people have asked me why the blog is named the “Bohemian Boolean”.

A Dadaist non-sequitur perhaps? /s

Well, a Bohemian is someone who does not conform to society’s expectations, someone with unconventional and informal social habits. Somewhat like an innovator or trailblazer. *Hey, my club is named 3-D Innovations! And the name of our executive group is Trailblazers!*

I like to think that our club is a haven for students with a variety of skills–some artistic, some literary, some scientific, some audiovisual–who are still looking for a place in the school where they can fit in, where they can look forward to meeting, where they can harness their hitherto untapped potential towards a project that can benefit our school and community.

The second part, a boolean, is of course, the term used in computer science for a variable that stores truth values (True/False). I enjoy coding, as well as math and logic, and some people often accuse me of being logical to a fault. (If my ears were any larger, I would probably be called Mr. Spock more often.)

The term “bohemian” is often applied to artists/writers, portraying my interest in the humanities and the word “boolean” represents my passion for STEM, as well as my everlasting desire to look for the truth.

Also, alliteration is cool.

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