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Class leads C-Wing lot renovation

In order to help the traffic flow in C-wing parking lot, the Civil Engineering class will be meeting with the engineers who work for the school to brainstorm ideas to remodel for the lot to be complete by the beginning of next school year.  

The main point of the project was to improve the conditions for students who walk home; no students would need to cut across the parking lot and it would improve traffic flow for those who drive.  

“We were split into two groups and brainstormed for different parts of the school where we thought could improve the traffic flow,” sophomore Jonathan Gonzalez said.  

The groups considered the current natural and man-made concerns in improving the lot: “people kept cutting across and there weren’t enough exits. Also, we had to make sure we kept the same amount of grass since it takes water when it rains and we had to keep lines for band because they practice in the parking lot,” sophomore Jessica Brito said. “Then, we drew sketches of what we would change and combined drawings.”  

The class came together to share their ideas and their drawings. Together, they were able to agree on a prototype drawing that was ready to be judged by their peers.  

“After, we came up with several ideas or solutions after the prototypes. We came back as a class and gave each other constructive criticism on every one’s drawings,” Gonzalez said.  

As soon as they were able to agree on an overall drawing, they were ready to pitch it to the companies who were planning on remodelling the parking lot.  

“Once we had all of our solid ideas, Dr. Haugan and a few companies came so we could pitch our ideas to see if they would add it into their renovation. They seemed to like our idea of a more efficient exit to improve the traffic flow,” Brito said. “Next, there will be a silent bidding to see who will do the job cheaper.”  

The goal is for the renovation to be done by the beginning of the 2017- 2018 school year.



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