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Robotics – Building a Block Tower

Adding on to my earlier post about robotics:
Our task was to control a robot – either manually or pre-programmed to stack blocks. Unfortunately, the traction of the “claws” of the robot were not great, so it was difficult to firmly grip the block. In addition, whenever the robot got to the end of its mediocre battery life, it started malfunctioning–the claws would slip open, the controls were not as precise or the robot would travel different distances than indicated by the programming. 
Or maybe it was my poor programming skills/lack of experience with using a game controller.
Either way, it was difficult to stack the last block on the robot–to the point where I edited the video and ended it just as the fourth block was placed on the tower (and right before the tower came crashing down).

I will post some other videos from robotics soon!

Check it out!

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