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One of West’s Best

Competing against each other in a pageant tonight in the theater, Maine West boys will help with Orchesis fundraising by participating in Mr. Maine West. Mr. Maine West will be crowned at the end of the contest, which begins at 7 p.m.

This is a one-night show that involves a very limited amount of rehearsal time. Tonight, the boys will start wearing their casual clothes and walking their moms to their seats. Then, the show will continue with demonstrations of both their beach attire and their formal wear. The Orchesis members will help out as emcees, ushers and escorts for the candidates, who have also been taught a simple dance. There will also be a question-and-answer segment and a talent portion.

“I’m not talking about talent like, ‘I play the cello,’ but talent like, ‘I can catch a gummy bear from fifty feet away,’” said Orchesis sponsor Lisa Jacobs of the unusual feats that will be on display.

Any boy, regardless of grade or club affiliation, was able to be nominated, as the only requirement was that he must be a boy enrolled at Maine West.

“There isn’t any common denominator with these boys. All walks of Maine West are in Mr. Maine West; I’ve gotten athletes, musicians, big kids, little kids, everyone. It’s fun because of how diverse it is with students’ different backgrounds,” Jacobs said.

Mr. Maine West has become a long-standing tradition, and the winner often possesses a special quality of character that transcends beyond the night of competition.

“Mr. Maine West should be someone who is a good person in and out of the classroom and who represents Maine West with dignity,” teacher Tony Manicke, who was selected as Mr. Maine West in 2010, said.

Manicke described competing to become the next Mr. Maine West as “exciting” and “fun” because he tried out with his friends.

He also described the experience as “something to represent you. It’s to show that you represent Maine West, and you should be proud of that. I think it adds to the high school experience because you get to keep the crown for years. I still have mine at my dad’s house. It was worth getting the title because it was a lot of fun along the way.”

Jacobs added that people should come and watch the show because it is “short and only costs $5.”




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